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We’re hiring!  Specifically, we’re looking for sharp, self-disciplined people to work remotely on management of client accounts. We will provide all necessary training.

Job description 

Digital Marketing Intern / Account Manager 


RAPTAP Marketing LLC is a 12-year-old company with a single owner/operator. My company has dozens of clients in multiple industries. Most of my clients are local to south central Texas but I do have clients in other states. My company provides the following services: website design/development & maintenance, website conversion optimization, website analytics and conversion tracking, website hosting, website security, search engine optimization, search engine marketing (we are a Google Ads Partner), other pay-per-click and online ad management services (Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Yelp, NextDoor, etc.), live agent chat services, and online reputation management. I leverage software platforms and outsourcing of support for many of these services.  


I am looking to hire a part-time intern / account manager that quickly learns and evolves to take over both account and services management responsibilities, preferably on a full-time basis but that would be negotiable. Hours will initially be 15-20 hours per week, with the potential to transition to assistant manager duties with full-time hours within 3-6 months. The new hire will be trained to support across the full spectrum of services offered. Initial salary to be based on experience and will increase as the individual begins to take on management responsibilities and as my time is freed up to further grow the business. Initially, this will be a 90% or greater remote work position, with occasional face-to-face meetings. The position will start off as remote and likely remain remote, but there will be opportunities to grow into more client facing roles, to include business development for an individual with the rights skills and attributes who desires to learn that aspect of the business. This would involve some degree of local travel. 


The following list is not all encompassing, but a good representation of what you can expect: 

1) Meet with owner (usually online) 1-2 times per week for strategic planning, client accounts review, work assignments/updates, and training 

2) Create and manage online ad campaigns on various platforms; ensure campaigns are optimized and on track with their respective ad budgets 

3) Apply website design & optimization principles; contribute to design documents and assist in communication and management of subcontractors providing support 

4) Navigate software platforms and manage tasks within them, including WordPress, Google Ads, Google Analytics, website hosting account, dashboards, and others 

5) Take calls from clients and work toward resolution of any concerns, issues, and problems utilizing the tools and platforms provided

6) Work with new clients for onboarding and current clients for routine inquiries, requests, and the preparation of monthly reports. 

7) Perform independently all assigned projects & tasks (with training that will be provided), follow any guidance that has been provided, and keep owner informed on status  


Education: A bachelor’s degree is preferred. Will consider applicants with 1 or more years of college, but not looking for a full-time college student.  

Skills/Attributes: Self-discipline and the ability to excel while working from home is critical. Strong computer & mobile device proficiency is necessary. The position is not technical (no programming knowledge required), but the best fit will be a fast learner and balanced left-brain/right brain (creativity and analysis) individual. Strong organizational skills and the ability to manage and interpret data are also important in this position. On the creative side, the ideal candidate can effectively brainstorm ideas, communicate, and develop concepts that present products and services in the best possible ways. On the analytical side, the ideal candidate is comfortable with Excel and Google Sheets and other forms of data management and comfortable with analyzing data to discern patterns and insights. Strong interpersonal and communication skills are also necessary.

Experience: Prefer a candidate with marketing background or at least a strong interest in online marketing. Experience in any field that involves information technology or significant use of computers is also desirable.  

Compensation: As previously stated, the initial salary will be based on experience and will increase as the individual begins to take on management responsibilities and as my time is freed up to further grow the business. I am looking forward to helping the person I hire grow in both their marketing knowledge and skills, overall business knowledge & skills, and in many aspects of entrepreneurship.  

Application Process: 

To apply, please send your resume and a brief note of introduction (or cover letter) that addresses relevant experience and attributes you feel are relevant to this position. I will accept applications until the position is filled. Please ensure subject line states: “Application – Digital Marketing Intern/Account Manager”. Send to: 


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Jim Lee – Owner, President

Jim holds an MBA with an emphasis in Marketing Strategy from Regis University in Denver Colorado.  He is a Google Partner who holds certifications in Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google Business Profile.  He is also proficient in web design and development, website security & hosting, Pay per Click Ad Campaign Creation & Management, and Online Reputation Management.  He and his team have been providing highly successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for the last eight years.

Jim is a retired U.S. Air Force Officer and former IBM Senior Manager.  He credits the development of his analytical skills to many of the positions he filled in the military including Air Force budget management in the Pentagon and Lead Analyst roles on multibillion dollar projects for the Air Force Cost Analysis Agency.

Jim enjoys the balance of left brain & right brain activities required in his profession and he derives his greatest joy from working with entrepreneurs and business leaders – helping them grow their business through highly effective online presence & advertising.  He defines EFFECTIVE as that which is  continuously tracked, measured and improved upon to yield the highest possible Returns on Investment.

Jacob Kettner – SEO Director

Jacob earned a double major in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the Asper School of Business.  He started his first online business in 2005.  Since then he’s developed and sold multiple internet-based businesses ranging from promoting national brands for commissions, to sourcing and reselling physical products to creating and marketing digital products. Over the last decade, he acquired a comprehensive understanding of the most effective traffic generation and conversion optimization techniques for selling online.

Jacob was very deliberate in choosing to focus on SEO because it it is one of the most cost-effective and highest converting forms of traffic generation.  He regularly attends worldwide SEO conferences and is a recognized leader in the industry.

Ramandeep Kaur, Website Developer +

Ramandeep has a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Information Technology.  She is a professional Web Designer/Developer with good knowledge of SEO having more than 5 years of experience in WordPress (DIVI, Genesis framework), Wix, Shopify, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Jquery, and Javascript.  She is a specialist in building modern, mobile responsive, user-friendly, and SEO optimized websites with good load time.

Ramandeep is also  skilled at: optimizing websites for minimum load time, designing lead-generating landing pages, customization into existing theme, HTML to WordPress, custom theme development, plugin development, converting photoshop documents into WordPress with elegant look & feel,  jQuery effects, and admin panel with user-friendly graphical user interface for updating text and images.

Nandip Sinha, Website Design & Development

Nandip is a Professional Web and Front-end Design and Developer.  He has been working for more than 10+ years in this field.  He is a designer first and then a developer, so he understands the importance of an engaging user interface and user experience (UI/UX).

Nandip is also proficient with HTML/CSS and the Bootstrap frame-work. He can also perform WordPress theme development and he’s very proficient with the DIVI framework, having  performed numerous types of theme customization.

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