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We have been very pleased with the wonderful service we have received from RAPTAP Marketing over the years! They have helped us increase our business' visibility online, and the good quality of their service has greatly helped our online conversion rates. They also helped us set our business website, and they continue to provide helpful updates to the site as needed. They are very professional, honest, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them for you buiness marketing needs!
Kathryn C
Kathryn C
Two years ago, Jim Lee with RAPTAP Marketing told me he could help my business dominate our local competitors on Google. He was absolutely right! Using RAPTAP’s Online Reputation Management (ORM) service, we’ve gained 85 new reviews in that time and we have an overall review rating of 4.9. We also have more than twice as many Google reviews as our nearest competitor. Two years ago we didn’t show up on Google when people searched for local remodeling companies and now we’re #1 in local results. The review service is very easy to use and allows us to be proactive in seeking feedback from our customers. The reviews we’ve received are highlighted on every page of our website and really captures people’s attention. I strongly recommend RAPTAP Marketing to any business that needs help with their online reputation and getting more business from Google.
David Wood
David Wood
I'm going to admit right upfront...I'm a raving fan of RapTap Marketing. I've hired Jim Lee, RapTap Marketing, on numerous occasions and benefited personally from his experience and wisdom over the last five plus years. I hired Jim to build my business website, as well as the website for a local non-profit. What I appreciate most about Jim is the time he put into understanding my needs and wants, and how he helped me gain better clarity around the clients I serve and those I specifically want to attract. Perhaps what I appreciate most about Jim is how he kept me apprised of progress as he built the websites, and then the follow up training he provided upon delivery. He even took the time to show me how to do simple updates on the site myself so I wasn't solely reliant on him. Jim does an amazing job and he always over-delivers. I was so impressed by Jim's expertise and professionalism that I hired him to host and keep my website secure as well. If you are looking for a world-class website and marketing company to help your business achieve new heights, look no further than RapTap Marketing.
Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson
RapTap Marketing has been providing me with digital marketing, website development and management, Google and Facebook advertising for almost 5 years. Jim Lee is all about helping his customers grow their businesses. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to serve my business on a daily basis and his customer service is top notch. I can't imagine anyone else handling my marketing and building my brand.
Luther Burnham
Luther Burnham

San Antonio SEO Services

San Antonio has a deep history, but that doesn’t mean it’s behind the times. Travel down the River Walk to see modern skyscrapers meet 18th century buildings. Our thriving city is culturally diverse, an architectural wonder, and economically booming—it’s the perfect place to grow your business.

You’re proud of your company; you’ve put years of work into perfecting your products, services, and branding. But one of the biggest barriers to success is finding customers. 

People look online when they’re searching for local businesses; if they don’t find your website, they won’t be calling you. Search engine optimization is a marketing strategy that puts your website at the top of search results.

SEO is about more than generating increased traffic to your website. It’s about helping buyers with targeted search intents find your business and purchase your products and/or services. To do that, your website needs to be highly visible in search engine results—it needs to be at the top of page one.

SEO can help with:

  • Boosting your online presence
  • Gaining qualified leads
  • Increasing the page speed of your website


But how will you rise to the top in the second largest city in Texas? Online marketing is a highly competitive industry. You know that other businesses in San Antonio are looking for ways to expand their customer base online. How do you do it better than them?

Not all SEO agencies are created equally. At RAPTAP marketing, we keep our finger on the pulse of search engine optimization. When algorithms update, our SEO strategies change with it. We’re the San Antonio SEO experts!

Local Business SEO

Nearly every competitor of yours has a website, and they’re all fighting to be on top of search results. Competing with other local businesses has never been easy, but in the world of digital marketing, it’s more complex than ever.

It all comes down to the mechanics of your website. How much content does it have? Does it have links from other high authority sites? Is it optimized for the best user experience? If you want to improve your search engine ranking in local results, you’ll need our local SEO services.

Ecommerce SEO

Your online store’s digital traffic is inextricably tied to your revenue. People can’t purchase your products if they can’t find your website. Given the popularity of Ecommerce websites, consumers don’t have time to deal with slow, confusing, or broken web pages. As soon as something’s amiss, they’ll click back from your website and find a faster one.

We’re well-versed in Ecommerce optimization techniques. We understand what it takes to bring more traffic to your online store and convert users into paying customers. Our digital marketing strategies help you generate additional revenue from your Ecommerce store.

How We Do It

Consumers turn to search engines to answer dozens of questions every day. When they’re looking for nearby local businesses, you want your website to appear at the top of those results. 

That’s where we step in. Our SEO company in San Antonio has years of experience helping businesses like yours rise through the rankings. We’ll employ every strategy at our disposal to improve the performance, user experience, and search engine optimization of your website.

Looking to get a clearer understanding of what goes into an SEO strategy? Here’s a closer look at what we do:

On Page SEO

Every little thing matters when it comes to ranking the relevance of your website, from the page content to the phrases in your URL. As your digital marketing specialists, we’ll make sure that no details are overlooked.

Title tags appear above your URL in search result pages; they’re in large blue text. Title tags have a few important jobs: they summarize the content of the page, entice readers to click it, and inform search engines of what the page is about. You only have 50-60 characters to use, so each word counts. 

Beneath the title tag, you’ll see a short description of the web page. These 160 character blurbs are called meta descriptions; they’re another opportunity to grab readers and include a keyword.

Keyword Research

When selecting keywords, you need to consider both online users and the search engine algorithm. Thorough keyword research will help you determine the most relevant phrases to target.

Identifying which keywords will increase your number of inbound leads requires expertise. It starts with looking at what your competitors are doing. Who’s ranking well for the search terms you’re targeting? How are they doing it? Once you understand their strategy, you can improve on it to surpass them in search engine results using keyword strategies.

Once we’ve identified a few primary keywords to target, we’ll also look at long-tail variations. These phrases have a lower search volume per month, but they have the same targeted intent as your primary keywords. They’ll also help you rank faster for your main keyword.

Content Creation and Page Optimization

You can’t do SEO without content creation. The copy on your website is a powerful tool for Internet marketing and search engine optimization.

But content creation requires a complex balance. You need to provide useful resources for your readers and write content that’s optimized to help you rank. 

Content comes in many forms. Some of the most common pages your website needs include:

  • Blogs & resource pages. Posting blogs regularly shows Google that your website is continually updated with fresh content; it’s a pillar of any digital marketing strategy.
  • Location pages. Tell your customers about which areas you provide products or services to.
  • Service pages. These articles allow you to promote your products and tell consumers more about what sets you apart.
  • Guest posts. One way to boost the traffic of your website is to write content for others. You can reach out to high-ranking websites and offer to write content for them, which generates more exposure for your website.
  • Social media marketing. Your posts on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram may not influence your rankings, but they do influence your customers. Social media gives you a platform to improve your online presence.



Blog Management

Search engine algorithms aim to showcase relevant, informative, and useful websites on the first page. How do you show that your site is a valuable resource to your readers? For that, you’ll need a blog—one that features original, well-researched, and high-quality content.

Start by choosing topics that your customers are curious about. By answering commonly asked questions in your industry, you can funnel more traffic to your website. 

Show that you know your stuff by including links to other websites. Citing papers about your topic and authoritative websites demonstrates that you’ve researched what you’ve written. It’s a signal to the algorithm that your content isn’t made up—it’s backed by other websites.

Once you’re done writing, it’s time to edit. Blogs that are free from typos and written in clear language provide a better user experience. The way you format your blog is also important—it needs a cohesive arrangement of H1s, H2s, and a meta description to sum it all up. 

By publishing multiple blogs each month, your website stays relevant. At RAPTAP, we’ll write optimized blog posts for your website that help you rank for your targeted keywords. We’ll help you update old content to keep it fresh and strategize ways to make your blog a useful resource for your readers.

In summary, you’ll need a lot of content to rank for competitive search queries. High-quality copy is an integral component of conversion optimization. Our San Antonio SEO agency has a team of experienced copywriters ready to build out the pages on your website.

Off Page SEO

Web design is one thing—but what about the ranking factors that exist beyond your home page? Off-page is the behind-the-scenes work of SEO; it’s what improves rankings without directly affecting the user experience of your website. Here’s a bit more information about our off-page optimization strategies:

Citation Building

A citation consists of your name, address, and phone number. You’ll find citations for all sorts of businesses in search directories; some websites are national, while others are specific to one community or industry. When your business is listed on these sites, it helps more customers find out about you.

Citation building is time-consuming; it requires patience and precision. One wrong digit in your phone number will void the entire entry.

Link Building

Would you trust a research paper that had never been cited? You might—but you’d be a lot more hesitant to do so. In the same vein, the more websites that link back to yours, the more authoritative yours appears in the eyes of the search engine algorithm.

Relevant and organic links are incredibly impactful on your rankings. For example, if a nail salon website links back to your HVAC website, it won’t be a very relevant link. But a site that writes how-to home maintenance blogs? Now that’s what we’re looking for.

The anchor text (that’s the blue text that users click to follow a link) is also important. It needs to describe the specific content that it’s linking to. Don’t just stuff keywords into your anchor text—keep it short, simple, and accurate.

Link building requires a well-crafted outreach strategy. Our SEO company has the resources you need to acquire links from authoritative websites.

Technical SEO

Now it’s time to optimize the mechanics of your website.

Part of technical SEO is fixing issues that already exist within your website. These bugs can hurt your rankings in search engines. When your website works better, it will boost site traffic and rankings.

Crawl Settings

To assess the relevance of your website, search engine results use bots to crawl over the text and links. We’ll make sure your website can be crawled, indexed, and is free from broken links. All these things indicate that your site performs well, and it will rank your website accordingly.

Page Speed

Ask yourself this: when a website is slow to load, how long do you typically wait before clicking away? 5 seconds? 4 seconds? 

53% of users wait just 3 seconds before closing the website. Needless to say, page speed is incredibly important.

Core Web Vitals

Google is rarely transparent about which factors it analyzes in its ranking algorithm. But a recent update focused exclusively on ranking based on the performance of websites. This update uses 3 signals to assess the page experience on your website. They are as follows: loading (how quickly the website comes up), interactivity (how responsive your site is), and visual stability (how elements on the page shift as your page loads).

This aspect of digital marketing gets pretty technical—as a business owner, you don’t necessarily have the time to brush up on your developer skills. Leave the details to our San Antonio SEO company.

Google My Business

What if we told you there’s a way you can increase your real estate on search result pages, and that it’s free? That’s where your GMB, or Google My Business profile, comes in handy. 

The benefits are twofold:

  • It tells people more about your business.


  • It increases your chances of appearing in the local 3-pack. 

You’ll see a surprising increase in web traffic once your GMB profile is created and built out. 

Category Optimization

Tags and categories tell users more about what your business offers. They also help your website appear in search results related to those categories. 

Scheduled Posting

On your GMB profile, you can post text, pictures, and videos about your business. You can schedule posts ahead of time so that your profile is always updated with fresh content. It can increase the amount of organic traffic that your website receives.

Reputation Management

Have you ever left an online review for a business? Whether it was negative or positive, that review was more impactful than you might think. 

When people are searching for products or services, up to 93% of them check online reviews before making a purchase. This comes as a surprise to many business owners. With a number that high, it’s undeniable that online reviews are impactful. Just one bad review can persuade a potential customer to go with a competing San Antonio business instead.

If you’re short on reviews, customers will be more hesitant to trust your business. Our review management software can help you increase sales.

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Search engine optimization is notoriously difficult to understand. Not only is it multi-faceted, but it’s constantly changing with every algorithm update. To implement a successful SEO strategy, you’ll need a team of content creators, link builders, and technical specialists. 

Are you looking for San Antonio SEO services? RAPTAP is a digital marketing agency with years of experience in the industry. We implement the latest Internet marketing strategies to give our clients unmatched results. 

A digital marketing firm is the missing piece your business has been looking for. Ready to take over the first page of Google? Our search engine optimization services are just what you need. Call us today to receive a free consultation.