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GARDEN RIDGE, TX: RAPTAP Marketing, a highly successful digital marketing company based in Texas, is delighted to announce that they are currently running a campaign to highlight the legal responsibilities of business owners in relation to the Americans With Disabilities Act. 

The company has written an extensive and comprehensive guide to the act, which can be read on their website. The ADA is a complex piece of legislation that was conceived and passed into law before the rise in importance of websites for businesses. Much of the legislation focused on the physical attributes and access of a business location, with little to no mention being made about websites. 

However, as websites have become more plentiful, there has been a spate of legal cases targeting business owners with the allegation being made that their website is not compliant with the act. There have been a number of relatively high-profile cases, and RAPTAP wanted to provide detailed guidance for business owners to prevent them from breaking the law, however, inadvertently. 

“Although we’re primarily focused as a company on delivering outstanding and verified results for our clients, we’re also committed to ensuring that wherever possible, we prevent any business from violating a little known and poorly understood law,” said owner Jim Lee. “The ADA and issues pertaining to its interpretation are becoming an ever more significant topic for business owners, one that cannot be ignored. That is why we decided as a business to write this comprehensive article, which is designed to answer the majority of questions our clients ask us, and ensure to as great an extent as possible that they are not breaking the law. It is this attention to detail a holistic approach that sets us apart from our competitors.” 

RAPTAP Marketing is a digital marketing agency serving the needs of small businesses. Although primarily located in South Central Texas, the company provides highly personalized service to clients throughout Texas, in several other states, and other countries. The company is in its 11th year of operations, and they have served well over 100 clients in more than 45 different industries as well as numerous nonprofit organizations. For more information about the company and the services they provide, visit their website at