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Automated email campaigns can help you save time, grow your customer base, and improve customer relationships. They’re a powerful marketing automation tool that can assist with your marketing team’s success.


Let’s explore exactly what email automation can do:

What is email automation?

Email automation is the process of sending targeted emails to your audience automatically in response to specific triggers. These triggers can vary widely, but they include:


  • Making a purchase
  • Signing up for a newsletter
  • Abandoning a cart
  • Sending an email to support
  • And more


One of the advantages of automation is that emails can be sent to audiences based on a wide variety of criteria, using analytics and data gathered both by you and by your email automation software. You can personalize emails based on:


  • Shopping habits (frequency, average cart price, etc.)
  • Demographic information (gender, region, age, etc.)
  • Engagement (how frequently the account views your website or reads your newsletter)
  • Interests (which content they’ve engaged with on your website or social media feeds)
  • Personal information (birthdays, account anniversaries, etc.)
  • And more


You can even personalize when an email is sent based on when the account receiving it is most likely to open your emails.


Email automation is incredibly powerful—you can even run multivariate testing campaigns to hone in on the style and design of your emails. You’ll glean a ton of information about the customers (and potential customers) who read your emails—what links they click on, how long they stay on your site after engaging with an email, and more.


With email automation, you can automatically send a welcome email to each new subscriber, run multivariate email campaigns, and reach your target audience with ease. 


To sum it all up, email automation helps you free up time by automatically sending emails based on triggers. Those emails can be personalized in almost limited ways, and you’ll get useful data from each person receiving your emails. The whole process can drive engagement and sales, all while reducing problem areas like abandoned carts.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a broad term that encompasses a number of strategies and tools that help companies automate every facet of their marketing. Email automation is one form of marketing automation. Other types include:


  • Social media automation (automate posting and cross-posting)
  • Sales automation (automates assigning tasks and scheduling for sales agents)
  • Customer segmentation (automatically segments customers based on criteria you set)
  • And more


Like email automation, marketing automation software executes specific actions when triggered by specific events. These events can be wide-ranging—a customer may have filled out a form, made a purchase, completed a profile, or engaged in any number of other ways with your company. 

How RAPTAP can help with email and marketing automation

We employ email automation and marketing automation as part of our digital marketing strategies. By using automated, targeted marketing, we guide new customers through your sales funnel, encourage existing customers to buy again, and increase engagement with your brand.


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