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Imagine having a steady stream of inbound leads calling you, asking to become your customers.

With 97% of people searching for local businesses online, and 88% of these searches resulting in a phone call or a visit to a local business within 24 hours, it’s not surprising that local businesses that rank at the top of Google are some of the most successful local businesses in San Antonio.

In 2021, most businesses in San Antonio realize the importance of having a website, however having a website that doesn’t get visitors to it is equivalent to having a radio ad developed but never aired.

We’ve helped businesses like yours grow substantially by ranking at the top of Google when their potential customers are looking for services or products that they offer, and we can do the same for you!

Effective SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) converts more viewers into buyers than any other form of advertising.  This is because most advertising revolves around the concept of interrupting someone from what they’re doing and distracting them with an advertisement.  Traditional print media, radio, television, billboards, and even online display ads are all a distraction from what the target audience is doing.

SEO and SEM can be referred to as permission marketing, because users are actively searching for a solution to a problem, and by being the first result we are offering them a solution.  People don’t like to be sold, but they do like to buy.  We’re giving your customers an opportunity to buy from you without feeling like they are being sold.

How we do it

The concept of search engine optimization is really quite simple.  Google’s objective is to show the most relevant search results so that their users get what they’re looking for and continue to use their platform.  For your website to rank at the top of Google we need to understand what factors Google considers when assessing quality and relevance to a search term and then make your website the best result for them to show.

We don’t engage in any techniques that are centered around exploiting loopholes in Google’s algorithms.  We take a long term approach to SEO and while some of these blackhat methods can be effective short term, they are not sustainable and will end up costing more in the long run.

We segment search engine optimization into 6 primary categories which are outlined below:

On Page SEO

On page SEO is the easiest to conceptualize.  It relates to optimizing the elements on your website to be topically relevant and fulfill the search intent of the queries we are targeting.  This includes tasks such as including keywords in headings and sub-headings, optimizing URL structures, content optimization, image optimization, and work relating to meta titles and descriptions.

As well, since Google is using significantly more machine learning and is able to understand search intent, for different types of searches Google expects to see different page structure as well as number of words of content.  We use advanced correlation audits to identify what is currently ranking and optimize your website using the data we get back from these.  We also use Google’s Natural Language Processing API to better understand how Google is reading and understanding the content on your site and make sure that it’s being understood as a relevant result for the search term we are optimizing the page for.

Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is centered around the concept of increasing the value your website adds to the internet as a whole.  When Larry Page and Sergue Prin came up with the idea for Google’s PageRank algorithm they were in university.  They noticed that each academic paper from the school had references to other papers in it.  They realized that if they could compile a database of every reference in every paper and sort the papers from most referenced to least referenced they could quantifiably identify the most important paper at the school.

Using this same concept but relating to links and mentions from other websites, they created the first iteration of Google’s off page algorithm.  While this has evolved significantly over the last 20+ years, the core concept is still the same.  Websites that are of value get linked to and mentioned on other websites.  To help accelerate this process we help to create high quality content and resources on your site, while reaching out to other sites that would gain value from sharing this content with their audiences.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO, as the name suggests is centered around the nuts and bolts of the site and making sure that Google can and will crawl pages the way that we want them to.  As Google’s bot or spider crawls pages on the internet they go through a 4 step process of discovery, crawling, indexing and rendering.  Seeing as these things all happen at different times it is important to insure that Google is able to collect all of the information from your site that is required at each stage.  A simple mistake by a website designer that doesn’t affect the usability of the site could easily prevent Google from crawling or rendering it.

Google My Business

Google My Business is the free profile that you can create with Google to enable you to rank in Google maps or the maps section of organic search results. This is really helpful for local seo. 

Google maps is responsible for a significant percentage of organic leads that can be generated from online.  The algorithm for ranking your Google My Business profile is different than the one for ranking your website.

Blog Management

As we alluded to when outlining off-page SEO, creating useful content and resources is an important part of building authority.  As well, from an on-page SEO perspective having regular updates and fresh content helps to be recognized as an authority in your profession or industry.  As part of our SEO packages we include high quality well written and SEO focused blog posts for your business.  We can also configure these to automatically syndicate out to your social profiles, which helps build further engagement with your existing followers.

Reputation Management

Your “online reputation” is essentially what others are saying about your business in online reviews.   These reviews appear on many well-known sites, such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.  They are often the difference in a potential client choosing your business or choosing your competitor.  Online reviews even impact how Google ranks your business listing and whether your business is shown prominently for relevant searches or whether it is buried way down Google’s listings and rarely if ever seen. 

We implement a system for our clients that is incredibly effective at accumulating positive reviews from happy clients while avoiding negative reviews by giving unhappy clients the opportunity to provide direct email feedback.  Our system also provides immediate notifications when new reviews are left on any review site and beautifully showcases the most glowing reviews on your website.  As the system helps you gain new, positive reviews and improves your overall ratings, your local Google rankings will also improve.   

SEO for New Websites or Redesigns

If you’re looking to have a new website built, it makes sense to work with a company that knows the ins and outs of SEO so we don’t have to go back and redevelop elements that may not have been developed with attention to SEO.  While we believe our website design services are second to none, should you already be in the process of a new website build with another company it would make sense to bring us in to review it from a technical and on page SEO perspective before it goes live to make sure you don’t lose any positive SEO signals that your old site may have built up over the years.

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